Files in Remission

Files have normal conditions and a process to follow. Sometimes clients do not follow the agreed upon process. Borrowers who do not will be in violation and must rectify the situation. Borrowers will be issued a 10 business day written notice instructing them to follow those conditions. If the notice expires and the client has not followed the written instruction then the file will be placed into remission. The file will then have a written 30 business days (written start and end time) in which to comply with the condition and pay a fee (fee is stated in the Term Sheet) before the file is reactivated or the file will be cancelled and all fees forfeited if not performed with the time frame specified. VII expends an enormous amount of in-house funds performing due diligence on a client's file (which we do not usually charge) and when a written request to follow one of our conditions is not be performed, it could jeopardize the entire file and VII can suffer loss financially. This can take place at any point in the process.